What’s happening in the garden this September?

Helpful tips from Perfect Plants Ltd: www.perfectplants.co.uk

September in the garden can be a glorious month, and far from feeling dejected that the summer is drawing to a close, there’s so much to look forward to!

Gardens and countryside across the whole of the UK are displaying their last burst of summer exuberance and there is so much to celebrate. Take trees, for example. Why are they so important? Well, firstly, they are the biggest plants on the planet! The tallest is actually a giant redwood named Hyperion in California, which measures over 115m. Trees produce oxygen and they store carbon. Not only this, but they stabilise the soil. The removal of trees causes many problems including flooding. Without these giant anchors the soil can easily be washed away – and woodland actually acts as a barrier to floodwater. Tree roots reduce the amount of sediment which flows into rivers and they help water to be absorbed into the ground.

So if there is just one thing you can do to help the planet, it’s planting a tree. But of course you need to exercise caution about planting appropriately. Which means planting species that like the local conditions, and not putting trees too close to property. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the words plant and planet are so close in structure. If you can’t plant a tree, plant something smaller!

What can you pop into your warm soil this September?

  • Spring flowering bulbs! Plan your sunny spring by planting daffodils, crocus, hyacinths and hardy bulbs such as alliums, lilies and crocosmia.

  • Plant bulbs for a Christmas indoor display! Add some grit to the compost and make sure any hyacinths have their noses just showing. Leave them in a cool dark place inside and make sure the compost stays damp. When foliage has grown to about 5cm you can move them into a cool room and don’t bring them into full light until the flower buds appear.

  • Plant new perennials now so that they will establish before the colder weather.

  • It’s a great month for ordering bare root plants ready to plant once the dormant season is here. Bare roots provide great value for money.

What other jobs can be enjoyed this month?

  • Complete your hedge trimming tasks. Early September is the ideal time. New growth will harden before winter frosts take hold, preventing damage to new shoots.

  • Pick and enjoy fruit such as apples, pears and quince.

  • Remove thatch from lawns using a scarifier or spring-tine rake. It will give the grass sward space to bulk up next spring, making a lush, green lawn.

  • Plant flowering beauties in your pots and borders in order to extend your flowering array. Sedum and Garden Mums (Chrysanthemums) are ideal show-stopping September wonders.

  • Divide herbaceous perennials to give you more plants for free (and give some away too).

  • Continue to deadhead annuals; roses; penstemons and dahlias so they will produce more flowers.